You'll find your preferred brand of cigarettes at Kings Smoke Shop & More. We stock everything from Marlboros to Pall Malls, as well as cigarillos and menthols. You won't have to settle for second-best. We've got the cigarettes you love right here for you.

In addition to cigarettes, we also sell:

  • Regular lighters
  • Torch lighters
  • Tobacco grinders
  • Tobacco pipes
  • Chewing tobacco

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Enjoy the aroma of quality cigars

A cigar can make any night feel like a celebration. You can purchase fine cigars to commemorate new babies, graduations-or just Tuesdays. You don't always need a reason to fire up a good cigar.

You'll find 30 different kinds of cigars at our store. Cigars need to be kept at the right temperature and in the right conditions to retain their great taste, aroma and texture. We take good care of our cigars.

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We sell about 50 different flavors of vape juice. You're sure to find something that pleases your taste buds. Consider our selections of menthol, fruity and savory flavors.

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